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Quality Product

Neovite is produced and processed to the highest standards under government veterinary supervision. Neovite is supplied in plasticiser-free packs using solvent free printing to avoid contamination.

neovite is available as low-fat or full cream powders: neovite cows are not given hormones, or antibiotics before calving, and are not exposed to pesticides, heavy metals or other chemicals. neovite is pasteurised and then dried immediately as an unflavoured powder to mix with milk, water, live yoghurt or juice. neovite is an ideal food to supplement the diet. If you need an immune boost, have problems with your digestive health, or want greater athletic performance, neovite can help you. 
neovite high protein low fat colostrum
neovite high protein 200 grams £30.00+2.20 p+p Buy
neovite full fat whole colostrum
neovite full cream 200 grams £26.00+2.20 p+p Buy

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