In Brief

Radio 4 'On Your Farm'
Short radio documentary on colostrum by the Farming Today team.
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Founder's story
My name is John Rolfs and I’m 53 years old. For the last 20 years...
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Gut research science review
Prof. Ray Playford et al.
Review of colostrum in gastroenterology

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Athletes' IGF-1 unchanged
Research study of athletes in training using a colostrum supplement...
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Postal regulations for the transport of powders require double-bagging and card protection and this is the basis of our design. We use Totally Chlorine Free card (no dioxins in production) and plasticiser free bags. This means no risk of product contamination as we use solvent free printing on the card. We are EDC aware. The packaging can be fully recycled if you separate the card from the pure polyethylene bag when finished. During use, the inner bag can be folded and resealed to exclude air, which will extend the product life. Single trip plastic/foil packs cannot be recycled. Tubs, which use plasticisers like BisPhenol A cannot be delivered through a letter box and will cost more to mail. Tubs cannot be resealed to exclude air. Packaging and posting costs are kept to a minimum as it is the customer who pays for this.