In Brief

Alcohol and Gut Inflammation
Alcohol and its metabolites promote intestinal inflammation through multiple pathways
National Inst Alcohol Abuse, USA read more

Rio athletes gut health
Team GB athletes suffer gut trouble in Rio. Olympic stomach upsets ‘could be leaky gut’
Plymouth University read more

Immune response in cyclists
More research on how the immune system responds
Scandinavian J Med Sci Sports read more

Gut damage from foods
Science review shows food additives and new processing methods increase gut permeability and autoimmune disease
Autoimmunity Reviews 14 (2015) read more

Colostrum & Creatine
University of Hertforfordshire, Hatfield, study shows improved muscle gain.
Hatfield University read more

Prof Ray Playford, gastroenterologist,
Queen Mary's College, a video interview
Colostrum UK Ltd read more

Lactoferrin could help osteoporosis
Taking a drink rich in lactoferrin may help to prevent osteoporosis as it has powerful bone-building properties.
Endocrinology read more

'Sporting benefits of mothers milk'
Colostrum is reviewed as a hot supplement for sports and intestinal health...
The Times read more

Multi-functional food for Health & Performance

neovite is a milk powder from milk collected in the first hours after calving. It is an exceptional natural food prized by many cultures for thousands of years

How can neovite help you? High in nutrients and protective agents that have natural immune and repair factors, neovite brings:

Immune response

Digestive efficiency

Food for fitness

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