In Brief

Improved immune system in athletes
Exercise induced immune system suppression is countered by neovite
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Neovite in the News
Read about our Pembrokeshire production plant at Functional Sports Nutrition
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Neovite Science Review
Read our science guidance for coaches and health practitioners.
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Athletes - science review
Dairy colostrum and health in athletes: A role in reducing gut permeability. Dr Glen Davison, University of Kent
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Gut damage from foods
Science review shows food additives and new processing methods increase gut permeability and autoimmune disease
Autoimmunity Reviews 14 (2015) read more

Radio 4 'On Your Farm'
Short radio documentary on colostrum by the Farming Today team.
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Colostrum Gut Study -read full paper
Neovite reduces the increase in gut permeability caused by intense exercise
Am Journal Physiology read more

Prof Ray Playford, gastroenterologist,
Queen Mary's College, a video interview
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Neovite is a first milk powder from exclusively pasture-fed cows and is taken on the day of calving after the needs of the calf have been fully met. Neovite is an exceptional natural food and is certified contamination-free by LGC for use by competitive athletes.

Multi-functional food for health and performance

Colostrum has received widespread attention as a dietary supplement since the 1990s, when it became commercially available. But for thousands of years across many cultures, colostrum and first milk have been prized sources of nourishment.

Boost Immune Response

Improve Digestive Health

Enhance Athletic Performance