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Radio 4 'On Your Farm'
Short radio documentary on colostrum by the Farming Today team.
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Founder's story
My name is John Rolfs and I’m 53 years old. For the last 20 years...
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Gut research science review
Prof. Ray Playford et al.
Review of colostrum in gastroenterology

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Athletes' IGF-1 unchanged
Research study of athletes in training using a colostrum supplement...
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Athletes - science review The Use of Bovine Colostrum in Sport and Exercise. Dr Glen Davison, University of Kent Nutrients read more BBC Wales News interview A quick look at production in Pembrokeshire and research at Swansea BBC read more Covid-19 Colostrum can help withstand antigen attacks in animal and human studies neovite read more Recycling policy We don't use single trip packaging neovite read more Improved immune system in athletes A published nutritional strategy to counter exercise-induced immunodepression using our colostrum European Journal of Nutrition read more Neovite in the News Read about our Pembrokeshire production plant at Functional Sports Nutrition neovite read more Neovite Science Review Read our science guidance for coaches and health practitioners. neovite read more Alcohol and Gut Inflammation Alcohol and its metabolites promote intestinal inflammation through multiple pathways National Inst Alcohol Abuse, USA read more Follow Hoppo on RAAM Chris Hopkinson is Racing Across America right now. Use this link to get up to date neovite read more Rio athletes gut health Team GB athletes suffer gut trouble in Rio. Olympic stomach upsets ‘could be leaky gut’ Plymouth University read more Immune response in cyclists More research on how the immune system responds Scandinavian J Med Sci Sports read more Gut damage from foods Science review shows food additives and new processing methods increase gut permeability and autoimmune disease Autoimmunity Reviews 14 (2015) read more RAAM 2014 Hoppo Report Hoppo's amazing Race Across America story. He is leading world 12 and 24 hour series too!!! Chris Hopkinson read more Radio 4 'On Your Farm' Short radio documentary on colostrum by the Farming Today team. BBC read more Currency Converter Find the cost of neovite in your currency Financial Times read more Composition of neovite A typical analysis of neovite... neovite read more How does colostrum help athletes Joanna Moorhead writes about the research into the health benefits for athletes Guardian online read more Gustav Larsson wins TT stage of Giro Olympic and World silver medalist gets the top step at Giro d'Italia Neovite read more Run247 news article Colostrum science review www.run247.com read more NEW PHONE NUMBER Try our new service 0800 24 25 123 Colostrum UK read more Colostrum Gut Study -read full paper Neovite reduces the increase in gut permeability caused by intense exercise Am Journal Physiology read more Colostrum & Creatine University of Hertforfordshire, Hatfield, study shows improved muscle gain. Hatfield University read more neovite - the riders video Our successful athletes describe their results Colostrum UK read more Cecial Morrison, World #2 Top veteran middle distance runner, Cecilia talks about being our highest ranked runner Colostrum UK read more Prof Ray Playford, gastroenterologist, Queen Mary's College, a video interview Colostrum UK Ltd read more Coach Joe Beer video interview with endurance coach Colostrum UK Ltd read more Nutritionist Matt Lovell video interview with sports nutritionist Colostrum UK Ltd read more Performance in Trained Cyclists The Influence of Bovine Colostrum Supplementation on Exercise   -- Shing et al., British Journal of Sports Medicine read more Salivary antibodies in runners Median levels of s-IgA increased by 79% in the colostrum group after 12 weeks Journal Sport Nutr. read more See and hear Broadband users can view video testimonials from some of our successful athletes neovite read more Triathletes Report An anecdotal study of twelve ailing readers of 220TRIATHLON magazine who report on their use of neovite (13 pages pdf) neovite read more Cycling Competition Report After an appeal in Cycling Weekly, a group of eighteen volunteers report on using neovite for overtraining fatigue and health problems (46 pages pdf) neovite read more Lactoferrin could help osteoporosis Taking a drink rich in lactoferrin may help to prevent osteoporosis as it has powerful bone-building properties. Endocrinology read more 'Sporting benefits of mothers milk' Colostrum is reviewed as a hot supplement for sports and intestinal health... The Times read more neovite and endurance training Tony Lycholat, Sports Scientist and Sports Rehabilitation Specialist, talks about his personal experience with neovite... neovite read more Dairy colostrum: the new creatine? FitPro Technical Editor and Sports Rehabilitation Specialist, Tony Lycholat, discusses the potential of colostrum in sports recovery.... FitPro Magazine read more neovite - Product Review neovite is reviewed by 220 Triathlon and found to be a great way to improve recovery and increase resistance to coughs and colds... 220 Triathlon Magazine read more neovite - New Product neovite is reviewed by Runners World... Runners World Magazine read more Colostrum and IBS A new dietary supplement has won a following among some athletes - could it offer ease to the troubled gut? IBS Network Journal - Gut Reaction read more Coach - Joe Beer and neovite "Colostrum is an excellent way to accelerate recovery. I recommend athletes training hard, and those with gastrointestinal problems, to use neovite daily" Joe Beer - JBST.com neovite read more Cycling Science: Colostrum Once the preserve of the body building fraternity, colostrum could well have benefits for cyclists too. Joe Beer assesses the evidence... Cycling Plus read more Feedback on neovite and digestive health neovite customers talk about their experiences with neovite and digestive health neovite read more Feedback on neovite and immune health neovite customers talk about their experiences with neovite and immune health neovite read more Feedback on neovite and sports neovite customers talk about their experiences with neovite and sports... neovite read more IOC ruling on colostrum Colostrum is not a prohibited substance... ASDA Newsletter, Drugs in Sport Update read more Affiliate Programme Earn commission by adding a link to neovite on your website... neovite read more Back to Nature The three page spread featured in Feb issue of Cycling Weekly - 'pull the udder one: its good for you'... Cycling Weekly Magazine read more Testimonial by Patricia A personal experience using neovite and staying healthy with Type II diabetes neovite read more Testimonial by Hiba A personal experience with neovite and ulcerative colitis neovite read more Testimonial by Russell Williams A personal experience with neovite and being a British cycling champion at age 41 neovite read more Why mother's milk is best for athletes Studies are consistently positive - Colostrum is worth trying... Peak Performance read more Russell Williams, British Champion Russell, 41, won an emphatic victory at the British Track Cycling Championships at Herne Hill in June 2002... neovite read more The Maasai of Kenya The pastoral Maasai have known the benefits of first milk for countless generations... Dr Lotte Hughes, Historian of the Maasai, Oxford read more Pedal power Aussie cyclists perform better... neovite read more About disease and recovery The science of illness and healing... neovite read more More about beta-lipids Four essential phospholipids found in each cell of our bodies... neovite read more Herxheimer Reaction It's a good indicator that the beneficial effect is working.... neovite read more Growth factors and bone health Growth factors play important roles in the control of bone deposition... neovite read more Diabetes Mellitus & Dairy Food Although the evidence clearly refutes the idea that early exposure to cow’s milk “causes” autoimmune diabetes... US National Dairy Council read more News library Features and scientific references for neovite and colostrum neovite read more Cell membrane science More details on cell membrane structure and behaviour... ultranet.com read more Testimonials to colostrum American users of colostrum supplements report on their efficacy... Nutritional Research read more Research papers Listing of scientific papers on colostrum and related topics neovite read more Clinical use of colostrum A review of the use of colostrum in treating arthritis. Drs A & F Nitsch read more Colostrum treats diarrhoea Colostrum is well tolerated and diminishes frequency of loose stools... Pediatric Gastroenterology read more Founder's story My name is John Rolfs and I’m 53 years old. For the last 20 years... neovite read more What doctors say Views of medical practitioners already familiar with dairy colostrum... Nutritional Research read more BSE statement New Zealand Government statement on BSE-free production.......(1 page pdf) New Zealand Govt. read more Modulation of human immune response These results suggest that dairy colostrum may possess potential to enhance human special immune responses. Immunology and Medical Microbiology read more Easing stomach injury Special cow's milk can be used to treat common stomach disorders BBC News read more McGill University, Montreal There's a very important gift a new mother gives her baby just after birth Everyday Science read more New research on NSAID care Colostrum reduces drug-induced intestinal permeability... Clinical Science read more Body composition and exercise performance In combination with exercise training for 8 weeks may increase lean body mass... Delaware University read more Survival of rotavirus antibody activity Antirotavirus activity survived passage through the gut. Passive immunotherapy may prevent or treat diseases of the gut. Pediatric Gastroenterology read more Lactoferrin and its biological functions A unique polyfunctional protein that influences cell proliferation and differentiation... Biochemistry (Mosc) read more Antimicrobial and antiviral activity Lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase are very promising for use in functional foods.... British Journal Nutrition read more Oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates Competitive inhibitors for pathogen binding sites on the epithelial surfaces ... New Zealand Dairy Research read more Lactoperoxidase properties Catalyses the inactivation of a wide range of micro-organisms.... Brit J Nutrition read more Nucleosides and nucleotides Natural bioactive substances important for optimal metabolic functions... Br J Nutrition read more Physical performance Finnish study: colostrum supplementation enhances physical performance on maximal exercise tests... Pre-Olympic Congress read more Gut research science review Prof. Ray Playford et al.
Review of colostrum in gastroenterology
Clinical Nutrition read more Milk - a new treatment? Everyday medical treatment within the next decade........(4 pages pdf) Hammersmith Research News read more Fibroblast growth factor binding protein Structural characterization of the fibroblast growth factor-binding protein purified from dairy colostrum. J Biol Chem read more International Olympic Committee A summary of the presentations relevant to athletes and sport scientists interested in performance enhancement... Sportscience read more Colostrum prevents drug damage Health food supplement may protect against tissue damage caused by drugs often prescribed for arthritis ... BBC read more Reduction of fungal colonisation Fungal prophylaxis by reduction of fungal colonisation by oral administration of colostral anti-Candida antibodies in bone marrow transplant recipients. Bone Marrow Transplant read more Using Monoclonal Antibodies Prevent mucosal transmission of epidemic infectious diseases. L Zeitlin, R A. Cone, K J. Whaley Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, read more More from Oz Australian sportsmen and scientists discuss colostrum on TV... neovite read more Recovery from effort Effect on running performance.
Dr J D Buckley et al.
neovite read more Helicobacter study Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori binding to lipid receptors by colostrum... J Infectious Disease read more Colostrum as immune system modulator a relatively new food supplement intended to optimize the immune systems... Natural Medicine read more Antiviral activity of lactoferrin Assayed in vitro for their anti-HIV and anti-HCMV-cytopathic effects in MT4 cells and fibroblasts... Adv Exp Med Biol read more Athletes' IGF-1 unchanged Research study of athletes in training using a colostrum supplement... Applied Physiology read more GAD news As recently as 1920, people who developed Type I diabetes lived about a year. Newsweek read more Neovite and bodybuilding Bodybuilding - The benefits of dairy colostrum, an extract from Ironman magazine Ironman read more Antibodies directed against allergens Antibodies directed against or cross-reacting with ryegrass pollen, house dust mites, Aspergillus mould and wheat proteins.... Int Arch Allergy Appl Immunol read more Growth factors in bone cell metabolism Skeletal growth factors also may play a role in the pathogenesis and therapy of metabolic bone disease. Annual Review Medicine read more Suppressed osteogenic sarcoma cells Transforming growth factor beta-like peptide that induces growth inhibition and changes in morphology... Cell Biol Int Rep read more Active chromium complex A biologically active, chromium-binding substance was isolated from colostrum... Center Biotechnology read more Inhibitory effects on protein breakdown The relationship between the insulin content and inhibitory effects of dairy colostrum on protein breakdown.... Cell Physiology read more IgG persists in the gut Immunoglobulin G survives stomach acids and gastric enzymes... Mikrobiologie & Epidemiologie read more Cooking with Colostrum Colostrum is a traditional food used by British farmers for centuries. To try some recipes, click here... Farmers Fare read more