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Radio 4 'On Your Farm'
Short radio documentary on colostrum by the Farming Today team.
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Founder's story
My name is John Rolfs and I’m 53 years old. For the last 20 years...
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Gut research science review
Prof. Ray Playford et al.
Review of colostrum in gastroenterology

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Athletes' IGF-1 unchanged
Research study of athletes in training using a colostrum supplement...
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You may experience a 'Jarisch Herxheimer' [named after the Czech scientist] reaction when you begin neovite. This occurs when the immunoglobulins reach the pathogenic microorganisms and cause a die-off, releasing toxins from within the organisms into the body. It is the period known as "getting worse before you get better." The reaction may occur within hours, the next day or within the first week after starting neovite. Symptoms may range from mild fatigue and sleepiness to flu-like symptoms – headache, chills, low grade fever, muscle or joint aches - or a skin rash. The number of days for this reaction varies. The intensity of this reaction will decrease as the toxins are eliminated from the body. Sometimes it may be necessary to stop neovite temporarily or use a lesser amount until it subsides. When this Herxheimer reaction occurs, it is a good indicator that the beneficial effect is working.