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Radio 4 'On Your Farm'
Short radio documentary on colostrum by the Farming Today team.
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Founder's story
My name is John Rolfs and I’m 53 years old. For the last 20 years...
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Gut research science review
Prof. Ray Playford et al.
Review of colostrum in gastroenterology

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Athletes' IGF-1 unchanged
Research study of athletes in training using a colostrum supplement...
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My name is John Rolfs and I’m 53 years old. For the last 20 years, I have managed and owned software companies with clients worldwide. During this time, I suffered with recurring bouts of colitis, irritable bowel and intestinal bleeding. Repeated hospitalisation over a period of 12 years finally revealed a benign tumour in the small intestine, removed by surgeons a year ago. In the period before the operation, my work involved extensive overseas traveling and constant changes of diet, neither compatible with bowel problems. As a result, I was more than feeling my age. Trips often ended with stress induced bleeds in the gut. My energy levels were falling, my vitality draining away. For many years, with only Zantac as an ally to suppress digestive secretions while I healed, I had looked at and tried alternative healthcare to help prevent these life-threatening episodes. I had discovered that cow’s colostrum was being collected affordably, one a series of fortunate coincidences, just before the major bleed that put me in hospital needing six units of blood and the operation to save my life. Dairy colostrum’s power to heal was already well known to me, both from my professional training in Public Health and from the five years in my early days as a farm stockman tending cattle and sheep. Taking home colostrum and early season immune milk, rich in nutrients and pro-biotic factors, is a perk for the cowmen and their families. In pastoral communities in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia, I know colostrum to be highly valued nourishment for children, the elderly and the convalescent. So, I determined that I would use this newly available supplement to rebuild my health. I was able to arrange collection of my consignment on the day I was discharged from hospital. I left hospital weighing a thin-legged 65 kilos (10.5 stones) with a wound infected during surgery that had left an unstitched gaping 18cm by 1 cm channel from my breastbone to navel. The wound required daily changes of dressing by nurses at my GP clinic. Colostrum started to do its thing. The nurses were astounded how quickly the wound was clear of infection and how quickly new flesh filled the empty channel; skin finally covering new growth with a healthy scar. By the second week, I was back at work. The changes did not stop there. My muscle tone and mass started to improve; biceps and forearms at first followed by thighs, pectorals and laterals. Within a few months, I had reached 80 kilos (12.5 stones), all of which was new muscle. I felt stronger, younger, and more energetic. Symptoms of aging, which I had previously noticed, such as night-sweats, graying and loss of hair seemed to have passed. My hair grew faster and stronger, the colour returned and my skin became smoother. My recovery was so remarkable that the Registrar who had performed the surgery asked if I could obtain dairy colostrum for him, as did my Chinese herbal practitioner who found my condition so much improved. Shortly after my recovery, my mother was taken ill with an autoimmune condition, Guillain Barre Syndrome – at first undiagnosed. She had become paralysed, dehydrated and ran constant fevers. In the absence of a diagnosis, she was given large doses of antibiotics to no effect. The hospital prepared us for the worst. As medication was not successful, I decided to spoon-feed my mother colostrum powder mixed with live yoghurt. Within a week, her condition improved enough for the hospital to take interest in her survival, providing intravenous fluids and feeding her by tube. Unfortunately the broad-spectrum antibiotics and the hospital environment led to diarrhoea caused by clostridium difficile which meant all food supplementation had to stop. After a total of seven months in hospital, my mother is finally at home and now taking daily colostrum with her consultant’s approval. Seeing these benefits, I recommended colostrum to other members of my family and friends. For some there was a marked improvement in long-term conditions, such a chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic sinusitis, fluid retention and alopecia. Others reported reduction in body fat, muscle gain, energy increase and improved skin and hair condition. In May this year, another of the fortunate coincidences in my story, was the sale of Dataworks, my software company, to American investors. It gave me time and funds to develop my consuming interest in bringing colostrum to many people in Britain. Many peoples have known the value of dairy colostrum and immune milk for millennia, but only now, with great care in processing and handling, has it left the farm and become available for all. From its limited initial production, Neovite, our immune milk, colostrum, is now available in commercial quantities at affordable prices. It is harvested and manufactured to the highest possible standard for what is becoming recognised as the most important pro-biotic food supplement for human health and development.