Multi-functional food for health and performance

Multi-functional food for health and performance

neovite is dairy protein from milk taken in the first 48 hours after calving and includes colostrum.
colostrum is an exceptional natural food prized by many cultures for thousands of years.

in brief

Salivary antibodies in runners

Median levels of s-IgA increased by 79% in the colostrum group after 12 weeks
Journal Sport Nutr. 01/02/2006 read more

Modulation of human immune response

These results suggest that dairy colostrum may possess potential to enhance human special immune responses.
Immunology and Medical Microbiology 01/08/2001 read more

Immune response

This information is not generally allowed to viewed online as the public description of the health benefits of foodstuffs is restricted under EU regulations 1924/2006.

Published science in peer-reviewed journals may be permitted, so here is the abstract from our published research

British Journal of Nutrition (2010), 103 : pp 1425-1432
Copyright The Authors 2009
Published online: 24 December 2009

"Bovine colostrum supplementation attenuates the decrease of salivary lysozyme and enhances the recovery of neutrophil function after prolonged exercise."

Glen Davison and Bethany C. Diment

Department of Sport and Exercise Science, Aberystwyth University, Carwyn James Building, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion SY23 3FD, UK

Oral supplementation with bovine colostrum (COL) has been shown to enhance immunity in human subjects. However, there is limited research on the use of bovine COL supplementation to counter exercise-induced immunodepression, as a model of stress-induced immunodepression, and previous research has focused primarily on salivary IgA. The aim of the present study was to determine the effects of bovine COL supplementation on exercise-induced changes in innate immunity (neutrophil function and salivary lysozyme) in addition to salivary IgA. Twenty healthy, active men cycled for 2 h at approximately 64 % maximal oxygen uptake after 4 weeks of daily bovine COL (n 10) or placebo (PLA, n 10) supplementation. Blood and saliva samples were obtained before and after supplementation, before and after exercise. Exercise induced significant increases in markers of physiological stress and stress to the immune system (circulating neutrophils, neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio, immature granulocytes, atypical lymphocytes and plasma cortisol), but there were no differences between the COL and PLA groups. Significant group time interactions (two-way mixed model ANOVA) were observed for neutrophil function (stimulated degranulation) and salivary lysozyme concentration and release (P < 005). Significant exercise-induced decreases were observed in these parameters, and bovine COL supplementation either speeded the recovery (neutrophil function) or prevented the decrease (salivary lysozyme) in these measures of innate immunity. These results suggest that 4 weeks of bovine COL supplementation limits the immunodepressive effects induced by an acute prolonged physical stressor, such as exercise, which may confer some benefits to host defence.

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