Multi-functional food for health and performance

Multi-functional food for health and performance

neovite is dairy protein from milk taken in the first 48 hours after calving and includes colostrum.
colostrum is an exceptional natural food prized by many cultures for thousands of years.

in brief

Gustav Larsson wins TT stage of Giro

Olympic and World silver medalist gets the top step at Giro d'Italia
Neovite 03/06/2010 read more

Cecial Morrison, World #2

Top veteran middle distance runner, Cecilia talks about being our highest ranked runner
Colostrum UK 11/11/2008 read more

neovite - the riders video

Our successful athletes describe their results
Colostrum UK 11/11/2008 read more

Nutritionist Matt Lovell

video interview with sports nutritionist
Colostrum UK Ltd 02/12/2006 read more

Coach Joe Beer

video interview with endurance coach
Colostrum UK Ltd 02/12/2006 read more

Performance in Trained Cyclists

The Influence of Bovine Colostrum Supplementation on Exercise   -- Shing et al.,
British Journal of Sports Medicine 13/07/2006 read more

See and hear

Broadband users can view video testimonials from some of our successful athletes
neovite 26/11/2005 read more

Dairy colostrum: the new creatine?

FitPro Technical Editor and Sports Rehabilitation Specialist, Tony Lycholat, discusses the potential of colostrum in sports recovery....
FitPro Magazine 01/08/2003 read more

neovite - Product Review

neovite is reviewed by 220 Triathlon and found to be a great way to improve recovery and increase resistance to coughs and colds...
220 Triathlon Magazine 17/07/2003 read more

neovite - New Product

neovite is reviewed by Runners World...
Runners World Magazine 01/07/2003 read more

Cycling Science: Colostrum

Once the preserve of the body building fraternity, colostrum could well have benefits for cyclists too. Joe Beer assesses the evidence...
Cycling Plus 01/06/2003 read more

Feedback on neovite and sports

neovite customers talk about their experiences with neovite and sports...
neovite 16/04/2003 read more

IOC ruling on colostrum

Colostrum is not a prohibited substance...
ASDA Newsletter, Drugs in Sport Update 15/04/2003 read more

Testimonial by Russell Williams

A personal experience with neovite and being a British cycling champion at age 41
neovite 20/10/2002 read more

Body composition and exercise performance

In combination with exercise training for 8 weeks may increase lean body mass...
Delaware University 01/03/2001 read more

More from Oz

Australian sportsmen and scientists discuss colostrum on TV...
neovite 31/12/1998 read more

Food for fitness

neovite is great news for those who train regularly but don't gain the expected results. Cows' first milk supports the immune system protecting against infections caused by the physical stress of competing.

neovite allows maximum training by increasing the efficiency of the digestive system to supply amino acids and other factors to vital organs. The combination of decreased illness and increased nutrient uptake results in reduced downtime for training.

The documents contained in this web site are presented for information purposes only. The material is in no way intended to replace professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner. The materials in this web site cannot and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or choice of treatment.

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